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PL: Anthony Mazzara doubles at 2015 Motorama

Pro-Line: Anthony Mazzara doubles at 2015 Motorama

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This past weekend Harrisburg Farm Show complex in Pennsylvania hosted the 2015 Motorama race. It’s an annual race that always has over 500 entries with people coming from over 6 different states from all over the northeast region. TLR Pro-Line driver Anthony Mazzara set the pace for overall TQ in expert 4WD Short Course and Expert 1:8 E-Truggy. He also qualified 4th in expert 1:8 E-Buggy. After all the dust settled from the triple A-Mains Anthony ended up taking the win in 4wd Short Course and 1:8 E-Truggy and was able to get on the podium for the 3rd spot in Expert 1:8 E-Buggy. Anthony ran Pro-Line M4 Hole Shots in all three classes and said they were awesome. He also used the Pro-Line Lightweight Velocity wheels in E-Buggy and E-Truggy.



Jesse Munn wins big at the 2015 Cabin Fever Classic

Jesse Munn wins big at the 2015 Cabin Fever Classic


The 2015 “Cabin Fever Classic was held this past weekend at the Lewiston Round-up Fairgrounds in Lewiston, Idaho. This annual event is typically the first major event in the Pacific Northwest each year. This years event attracted racers from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and even Canada.

Friday consisted of open practice, Saturday 3 rounds of qualifying using the qual points format, and Sunday was triple A-Mains for electric and 30-45 mains for nitro.

A scheduling conflict prevented me from making the Friday practice but luckily there was a short late arrival practice from 6:45 to 7:30 Saturday morning. I got to run each car one time before qualifying started. The track was extremely large, approx. 115×180’, and full of obstacles and weird angles. More practice certainly would have helped but my cars felt good.

Screen shot 2015-03-03 at 1.58.40 AM

1/8 Pro Electric Buggy

In qualifying on Saturday Jesse Munn took round 1 TQ and a 2nd in round 2 to take the overall TQ in this class. After early mistakes in A1 of the triple 10 minute main events, Jesse came back from deep in the field and was fortunate enough to take the win pretty comfortably. A2 started out much the same with Jesse making early mistakes again on the difficult track. Tyler Wilbur checked out and took the win but Jesse secured 2nd with a last corner pass on Lee Hackney. In A3, with finishes of 1-2 in the bag, Jesse knew that he just needed to not have Tyler win A3 if he couldn’t win it himself. Nick Buechler ended up with the win while Tyler and J battled nose to tail the whole race a few spots back.  With scores a 1st and 2nd I wrapped up the overall win! The MP9E TKI was amazing….

1)  Jesse Munn (TQ)  2)  Tyler Wilbur  3)  Lee Hackney

4wd Modified Buggy

In qualifying the track was brutally tough for 1/10th cars. Jesse’s car was really good but Nick Buechler would make less mistakes and take both of the first 2 rounds of qualifying, leaving Munn and Kyosho teammate Taylor Wonders to battle it out for 2nd and 3rd on the starting grid during the 3rd round of qualifying. Taylor started strong in Q3 but had a little bad luck. Jesse charged back towards the end and took the round TQ to qualify 2nd overall.

In the triple 6 minute mains. A1 started great Jesse passed Nick for the lead early. After building a decent lead I started making little mistakes and I was having a hard time with the weird angles of the track on the center jump sections. Munn dropped back and Nick took A1. A2 was a different story as Jesse had a clean run and took a comfortable 10 second win to force a deciding A3. The final main started out the same as the first 2 with me getting an early lead. Buechler came charging back at the end but Jesse held on and took the win in A3, along with the overall! 4wd Buggy is always Jesse’s favorite class and this race was no different. Difficult track or not, the ZX6 was awesome.

1)  Jesse Munn  2)  Nick Buechler (TQ)  3)  Taylor Wonders 

1/8 Pro Nitro Buggy

Jesse would let his friend Keith Hadley borrow his Kyosho MP9 TKI3 so he could race in the Pro Nitro Buggy class. Keith was dialed all weekend and went onto take the overall Win!

FB_IMG_1425356870049-1 copy

1)  Keith Hadley  2)  Nick Buechler (TQ)  3)  Ryan McCreary 

Note: Special thanks to Joe Pillars for sending in this report…

Sneak Peek Faultline 2.2″ 6-Lug Bead Lock Wheels

Pro-Line: Sneak Peek Faultline 2.2″ 6-Lug Bead Lock Wheels

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Here is a Sneak Peek of the upcoming Faultline 2.2 6-Lug Bead Lock Wheels. These are designed to fit the Axial Yeti, Spawn, Wraith Poison Spyder Edition, and most popular 6-Lug aftermarket adapter hubs.

Pro-Line 1

Designed to be used with our popular 1166-14 Standard and 10107-17 XL 2.2 Interco TSL Tires. These new wheels offer greatly improved holding power combined with easier mounting over the stock wheels.

Pro-Line 2


O.S. Engines: Speed Tuned B2101 Engine – Video

O.S. Engines: Speed Tuned B2101 Engine – Video

OS Engine Logo

In 2014 Ty Tessmann powered to first at the IFMAR Worlds running the Speed Tuned B2101, paired with a T-2090SC Tuned Pipe. The engine delivered for Ty — and its advantages can now belong to any off-road racer.

Those advantages include faster acceleration, off the starting line and out of corners. A low center of gravity adds stability and predictable handling. Throttle response is so immediate, the power seems to flow right from the driver’s fingers. The factory-tuned, fiercely reliable B2101 is ready to keep the successes coming. Look for the B2101 now, with distinctive laser-etched Speed Tuned graphics on the cylinder head.

• Lowered machined cylinder head with maximized cooling
• DLC crankshaft with balanced tungsten weights and optimal intake timing
• Efficient, reliable Type 21J carburetor

YouTube Preview Image


Under the Hood: Drew Moller’s HB D815 1/8th Buggy

Under the Hood: Drew Moller’s HB D815 1/8th Buggy – Tessmann Edition

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At the 2015 Dirt Nitro Challenge HPI/Hot Bodies announced that Ty Tessmann, David Ronnefalk, and Drew Moller were running a pre production version of the soon to be released HB D815 Tessmann Worlds Edition. The final version is based on the car that Ty used to win the World Championship last year in Sicily and will come supplied with a Pro-Line Trifecta wing and Pro-Line Type-R body shell.

IMG_0162 copy

Notable updates are 17.5 degree caster blocks are expected to come in the new kits as the 15 degree blocks are in the HB D812. Also the new diff cases are close to the same size as used with the HB D413. The radio tray is also much smaller, but it holds a lipo pack better with the new 2 piece center diff mount… We caught up with  Drew Moller last weekend in Phoenix, AZ he gave us a look under the hood of his HB D815 Tessmann Worlds Edition 1/8th Buggy.

IMG_0171 copy

Chassis: HB D815 Tessmann Worlds Edition

Fuel: Nitrotane 30%

Engine: LRP ZZ.21c Ceramic


Servos: KO PROPO Hi Response Hard Case

Tires: Pro-Line M3 Holeshots

Rec. Batteries: Protec

Body: Pro-Line Type R Body

Wing: Upgrade Vortex

Photo Gallery

Note: We have more reports from the 2015 Dirt Nitro Challenge on the way…

Hitec Cameras, Receivers, & Servos at the 2015 DNC

Hitec HD Cameras, Receivers, & Servos at the 2015 DNC

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While we were at the 2015 Dirt Nitro Challenge we spent some time with Hitec’s Billy Tompkins. Billy brought some new products with him to show off this year at the Nitro Challenge, including a new D-Series line of programmable servos, two HD video cameras made by AEE that can be mounted to any vehicle. He also brought the LYNX 4S receivers.

Not only are the new D-Series servos able to accept 2S LiPo power and come equipped with a 25-tooth servo spline, each of the six offerings are new versions of some of Hitec’s most popular servos updated with a higher-resolution 32-bit “D-Chip” processor. With the HFP-10 programming module, users can define the center point, end points, servo transit speed, and deadband width, as well as configure failsafe settings to safeguard against a runaway if radio reception is lost.

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 4.11.18 PM

The D-625MW and D-645MW replace the incredibly popular HS models of the same model numbers, while the D-900s take over for the titanium-geared 7900 series range from speedy .07-second transit time of the D-940TW to the torquey 486 oz.-in. D-950TWThere’s even a model ready for large-scale applications, with the D-980TW sporting a slightly larger case and 611 oz.-in. of torque at .17-seconds.

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 4.11.43 PM

The AEES60 is the higher end 16MP video camera that comes in a waterproof protective box and can shoot 2.5 hours of 1080 HD video at up to 60 frames per second. A wide 145-degree angle lens captures all of the action and can not only save it to an optional 64GB microSD memory card, but transmit the signal via WiFi.

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 4.03.00 PM

Hitec’s AEE MD10 is the world’s smallest WiFi-ready HD video camera, using a 113-degree lens and can shoot up to 120 frames per second of 720p HD video for super slow-mo action. With a still-shot mode, three unique HD video modes, and an 8 MP sensor, the MD10 is a small but powerful package.

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 4.03.52 PM

Here are the two LYNX 4S receivers that were on hand that day…

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 4.07.16 PM

Up first the Axion 4 Micro Receiver: It features 2.4GHz Micro-4 Channel Receiver with a User  Selectable Frame Rate. It has 14ms Normal and 7ms High Response. It also has a fail-safe/hold function. There is also an extra port for (AMB) Lap Counter Interface.

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 4.07.16 PM

Then there is the Axion 2 HHR Receiver: It is Race Ready High Response 2.4 GHz Micro-2 Channel Receiver. It features 4ms Frame Rate Hitec Response (HHR). It has a Fail-Safe/Hold Function. There is also an extra port for (AMB) Lap Counter Interface.

Screen shot 2015-02-21 at 4.08.17 PM

Check out our coverage of the LYNX 4S Radio that was released at the 2014 ROAR Off-Road Fuel Nats


Photo Gallery

Note: Special thanks to Billy Tompkins of Hitec for going over the new gear last week…

Under the Hood: Hunter La Flower’s Hot Bodies D8T

Under the Hood: Hunter La Flower’s Hot Bodies D8T

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While we were out at the 2015 Dirt Nitro Challenge we caught up with Hot Bodies Driver Hunter La Flower of Irving, Texas. Hunter who was a long time TLR driver recently made the switch to HPI/Hot Bodies. Hunter wasted no time and granted us a look under the hood of his Hot Bodies D8T.

IMG_0509 copy

Chassis: HB D8T Tessmann Edition

Fuel: Byron’s

Engine: Protec Samurai

Pipe: Protec Samurai 2090

Radio: Hitec Lynx 4S

Servos: Hitec 9000 Series Brushless

Tires: Pro-Line Holeshots

Rec. Batteries: Protec

Body: Pro-Line Bulldog Body

Photo Gallery

Note: Stay tuned for more Under the Hood reports from the 2015 Dirt Nitro Challenge…

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