So-Cal R/C Tracks August 1st Price Hike!

So-Cal R/C Track August 1st Price Hike!

This website was notified early last week after the 2012 HRH Shootout that owners of certain R/C tracks in Southern California and Nevada feel the need to raise practice and entry fees by 5 dollars starting August 1st 2012!  We were contacted this past Friday again about getting this word out…

Below is a statement sent to us early last week…!

Gentlemen. Please feel free to forward this message to all tracks and R/C media outlets.  “It has come to the attention of the industry leaders of radio control tracks to necessitate a five dollar increase in fees to all track related entries. On August 1, 2012 all tracks are to increase fees by five dollars for both practice and racing. Just as the price of milk gasoline and all other items have taken an increase in price we the tracks need to keep up with the times. In order to do this effectively if all tracks band together and increase at the same time attendance will remain the same for all tracks and we will all benefit from the increase (be able to stay in business.) I have taken the initiative to contact all tracks within my local area and join them together so that we can benefit from this fair and necessary increase.

Contact you local tracks and get them on board if we all move forward at the same time we all win. A press release text will be issued to all tracks in accordance for the August 1st announcement.”

Best regards,

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (We are protecting the source of this until the offical release is posted on our website!) 

We were told on Friday, only 4 tracks at this time have agreed to the price hike! The following tracks that will be raising their fees with be West Coast, OCRC, Revelation Raceway and Pegasus Hobbies… We spoke with Nick Black last Friday afternoon, he said the fees won’t change until September 1st at OCRC… We spoke with several racers at the JBRL Electric Series race about this subject over the past weekend… We must say alot of people aren’t happy about this… We will keep you informed of any changes or modifications to the pending price hike situation should anything new develop…!  

Note: We urge all patrons to contact your local R/C track and tell them how you feel about this! Let them know what will make your R/C experience at their facility better…!


  1. This price hike is only going to push more people out of the hobby and in the end racers will just cut back on racing.

    And by the way Horizontal Price Fixing is illegal and in violation of the Sherman Act.

    Good going guys

  2. Who are the “industry leaders of radio control tracks”?. “we all win”? Really, does the racer win?
    Just a few questions I have about this super idea.

  3. Ok so I don’t have to race rc cars any more!! I have other interest like sleeping and eating. I may race once in a while. 25 to race is a to much! I’m sure glad I didn’t buy any new rc race cars!!

  4. I can’t decide what’s dumber: trying to start a conspiracy for an illegal price-fixing scheme or putting out a press release about it.

  5. Price Fixing
    The agreement to inhibit price competition by raising, depressing, fixing, or stabilizing prices, it is immaterial whether the fixed prices are set at a maximum price, a minimum price, the actual cost, or the fair market price. It is also immaterial under the law whether the fixed price is reasonable.

    All horizontal and vertical price-fixing agreements are illegal per se. Horizontal price-fixing agreements include agreements among sellers to establish maximum or minimum prices on certain goods or services. This can also include competitors’ changing their prices simultaneously in some circumstances. Also significant is the fact that horizontal price-fixing agreements may be direct or indirect and still be illegal. Thus, a promotion or discount that is tied closely to price cannot be raised, depressed, fixed, or stabilized, without a Sherman Act violation. Vertical price-fixing agreements include situations where a wholesaler mandates the minimum or maximum price at which retailers may sell certain products.

  6. By the looks of the forums, it was Danny of WCRC that initially started the price hike. I’m fine with a price hike at one facility but to actually ban together a select few tracks in Socal to do the same and extinguish all options of the racers to go elsewhere is wrong and unlawful. I’m glad I’m not the only one that has a problem with this.

  7. I just love the” lawyers” out there? Ive been back in this hobbie for eight years and this is the first fee hike in that time that im aware of. Look fellas nobody wants to put more cash out for that end of it but if you want places to run, somebodys got to pay the bills that means us .look into what it costs to lease 17 or 18 thousand sqft inLA/OC plus all the other costs.Do you truly think these cats are making money on entries. If the owners are doing this its to protect the tracks we love to run on. if one goes up and the others dont he looses everything soon and the rest will go sooner rather than later.And if there is any truth to the playground “lawyers” complaint, well i dont think these guys are fools

  8. 25 for a club race is pretty high. In Oklahoma,Kansas, and Texas we only pay 15 for the first entry. Discounted fees for the 2nd entry. Do they charge for practice days on the west coast?? Maybe they should charge like $5 / $10 to cover the light bill. Seems like all the big factory guys are always at the track running. Charge them for practice.

    • ILLEGAL Price fixing AND a press release, did anyone really think it would be anyone BUT Danny and WCRC? Notch isn’t bright enough to come up with this. I am blown away at the balls this guy has. If they have $$ issues maybe they should look into downsizing or firing some of the thieves behind the counter or not fly friends to islands for weddings or start charging the factory guys instead of giving them everything for free and kissing their arrogant asses. Is west Coast a nice facility…yes, the best I have seen but I am not funding his fancy cars and vacations. I will gladly move back to backyard racing and facilities that focus on the customer, all of them, not just the click of “cool” drivers. Anyone that thinks they are going to get rich with an RC track is high and delusional. Danny at WCRC and Robert at OCRC, let your other businesses make you the cash, help keep RC racing affordable and bringing in new people not drive them away with your illegal activities. Never thought you guys would stoop to this level.

      • While I understand why everybody is upset about the price fixing, I do take exception to one thing. The guy put up his own time, money, and effort into creating what you admit is the best RC facility you have ever seen… and he doesn’t deserve to profit from that? It’s a business, not a service to the community, and if he’s able to enjoy a nice lifestyle because of the success that he’s created, more power to him.

  9. Ok so prices go up that is understandable. Now does this mean that our payout or “race bucks” increase as well? If so then I’m all for it. Pay a little more to get a little more. If not, then that’s bs!

  10. So let me get this straight… guys are upset at those rich bastards who put MEGA BUCKS into a facility for you to race at? Now your acting pissy about $20/fees.

    Your the greedy ones? GROW UP your not children even though you are playing with toys. Be thankful successful people are still willing to put up with your BS!

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