Radient™ Reaktor Brushless Combo

Radient™ Reaktor Brushless Combo

The new Radient Reaktor brushless ESC and motor push the envelope for value and performance! Never before has a brushless combo been offered with such high speeds and advanced features at these incredible prices. The 3500kV system is ideal for 2wd 1/10th scale vehicles and more than capable of powering your 4wd Helion Dominus SC and TR. Equipped with programmable LVC, and reverse or brake modes, this ESC was built for the basher and engineered to last. Capable of also running 2s and 3s LiPo batteries, the Reaktor system feeds your craving for more performance when you outgrow your NiMH batteries. Upgrade your vehicle with a Radient Reaktor system and feel the power! Available in HobbyTown USA stores and at www.hobbytown.com now!

Product Name:
Radient Reaktor Brushless Combo

Item Number; Description:
RDNA0023: Reaktor Brushless Combo 3500kV/35A-3RSL
RDNA0028: Motor Only
RDNA0019: ESC Only

Suggested Street Price:
RDNA0023: $99.99
RDNA0028: $49.99
RDNA0019: $59.99

35A WP-R Brushless ESC Features:

– Waterproof low profile design with cooling fan
– 35A with programmable LVC and reverse
– Thermal & current overload protection
– Up to 8 cell NiMH or 3s LiPo
– 5V 3A BEC for powering all your 1/10th scale servo needs
– 3.5mm gold bullet motor connectors and
Tamiya® compatible battery connector with gold plated inner plugs

3500kV-2PSLS Brushless Motor Features:

– 3500kV 2 pole sensorless
– Slotless stator designed to reduce cogging and improve performance
– Machined aluminum can and end plates
– High torque large magent rotor

Source: www.Radient-RC.com


  1. This is a great product! I installed it on my Torment, and it works great! It wheelies on command and has great acceleration! I’d say it was money well spent for a beginner on brushless systems like me!

  2. I just bought this yesterday for my stampede, it seems good so far but I’m trying to figure out gearing. Any one reading this have good spur and pinion reccomendations?

  3. 20 runs w/ the Dominus 10tr and I think I fried the Reaktor that came with it. The motor seizes when I punch it full throttle off of the line and the ESC squeals. The stock equipment that comes out of the box do not include the cooling fan, and the motor is factory sealed so it cannot be taken apart or parts to replace. The ones pictured on this site look like upgrades.

    Will take to Hobbytown tomorrow to T-shoot and if not, buy some kind of replacement.

  4. Just had my first run with the new Reaktor brushless system. Not quite the top speed I was hoping for but the acceleration is amazing. Right now I’m running 19t thinking about bumping it up….thoughts?

    • I run a 25tooth pinion and 78 tooth spur and on 2-3 cell lipo it goes atleast 50mph so big improvment from stock and fun for offroading 🙂

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