F.T.M.S. Rnd #6 at RC Maddness by Chico Alvarado

 F.T.M.S. Rnd #6 at RC Maddness by Chico Alvarado

The final round of the Factory Tracks Midwest Series was held at RC Maddness in Clinton Township, MI. Scattered showers from the night before left the track with a few puddles on it the morning of the race. As soon as the day light broke though, Bill Hall and his track crew were out there sweeping the track and working hard to give all the 170 plus entries a great track to race on. It was a cold day of racing, with temperatures only topping out to around 48 degrees, but the race action was hot all day long.

In the 4×4 SC class, TLR team driver Chico Alvarado would compete with his Losi SCTE truck in the tight racing action of the 4×4 SC class. Round 1 of qualifying got under way and the track conditions from practice to race time had change quite a bit. Chico started off with AKA Cityblock tires on his SCTE and they were just a bit looser than he would have liked for the track. Chico piloted his SCTE truck to 2nd after the 1st round of qualifying. In between rounds Chico would switch tires to AKA Super Soft Gridirons and this tire change would prove to be much better for the track conditions. Round 2 of qualifying got under way and Chico got off to a great start and would put in some good clean laps on the track and by the half way point was on a TQ pace. A few bobbles during the race though would mean he would have to settle for 2nd place again after the final round of qualifying. With two different drivers TQ’ing rounds 1 and 2, this would place Chico 3rd on the grid for the main. At the sound of the tone, the trucks would scream off the line into the first turn. The first couple of turns in the race were pretty clean, but by the time the pack got to the 4th turn, there was a pile up among the leaders. Chico was able to squeak by the pile up and move into the lead. At about the half way point of the race, Chico would have a 10 second lead, so he would just try to be smooth and put in some consistent laps. At this point in the race, Castor Racing’s Chris Peterson had moved into 2nd and had caught fire. Chris would starting reeling off some super fast lap times and started to make up 2 seconds a lap on Chico in the race. Chris had caught Chico on the last lap and was all over him looking for a way around him. Going into the last turn before the straight away, Chris drove underneath Chico in the last turn and it was a drag race to the finish line. Both drivers squeezing there triggers as hard as they could going down the straight away. In the end, Chico ended up barley crossing the finish line ahead of Chris and took the win by 0.166. Hats off to Chris Peterson for a great race.

Note: Special thanks to Chico Alvarado for sending in this report!

Source: (Chico Alvarado)

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