$250 Pro-Line 2013 August Contest Giveaway

$250 Pro-Line 2013 August Contest Giveaway 

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This month Pro-Line Racing and RCInsider.com are teaming up to give away another fantastic $250 prize package. This contest starts just a few days before the 6th Annual Pro-Line Surf City Classic at OCRC in Huntington Beach, CA . These contests wouldn’t be possible without our partnership with Pro-Line to make this happen… We thank them for their continued support!


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This $250 value package includes the following products:

1) Hole Shot 2.0 2.2″ M4 (Super Soft) Off-Road Buggy Rear Tires (for 1/10th Buggy)
1) Hole Shot 2.0 2.2″ 4WD M4 (Super Soft) Off-Road Buggy Front Tires (for 1/10th 4wd Buggy)
1) BullDog Clear Body (for B44.2)
1) 2013 Pro-Line Swarm Navy Blue FlexFit Hat (L-XL)
1) Pro-Line Echo Black T-Shirt (XL)
1) Velocity 2.2″ Hex Rear White Wheels (for 1/10th Buggy)
1) Velocity 2.2″ 4WD Hex Front White Wheels (for 1/10th 4wd Front Wheel)

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Our drawing will be on September 19, 2013. You have until September 18, 2013 to enter the prize drawing.

Just send us a couple of sentences in an email to jeremy@rcinsider.com about why you like Pro-Line Products! We look forward to receiving the emails. The best written e-mail wins the $250 prize pack! The $250 prize pack consists of 1) BullDog Clear Body for B44.2, 2) Sets of Hole Shot M4 (Super Soft) Off-Road Buggy Tires, 1) Pro-Line Navy Blue Swarm Flex Fit Hat, 1) Pro-Line Echo Black T-Shirt, 1) Set of Lightweight Velocity White Front and Rear Wheels for 1/10th Buggy and 4wd Front tires.

Note: We are only shipping in the U.S.A… In your e-mail please include Name, Address, email, Phone Number, etc!

Good luck everyone and thank you Pro-Line!

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  1. Proline products are top notch. I live for RC so I want my car to have the best and proline provides me with so much versatility they got me covered from monster truck to buggy our crawler. All of my vehicles are fitted with proline parts. Thank you proline for your great innovations keep up the great work that your company provides us and I can’t wait for my kids to get a little older so they can also experience proline products in the future.

  2. I have used ProLine products for the last 5 years, which includes bodies, tires, wheels and inserts. Never a complaint about workmanship or the integrity of any of the products at all. Proline is my first choice of any manufacturer.

  3. Why do I like pro-line,the reasons are numerous. You have always been a company with great customer service.Pro-line has always been on the cutting edge in body styles and tread patterns. In short course and in buggy classes I am always relying on them in the mains and they never fail to impress me.

  4. I love proline products they’re the best in my opinion they’re durable stylish I do all my upgrades with proline from the wheels to the body

  5. I use pro line because of its durability and success in racing.. I have been in the rc hobby for 45 yrs or better and have tried most.. but always win best with pro line. the Chevy flow tech body’s are one good product. I love it on my SCTE and it holds up great with all the big jumps on larger tracks. the tires are I think 70 % of set up in racing. you cant beet the tires and rims Thanks Pro-line..

  6. Two people ^ who didn’t read the fine print. I think its a great giveaway and I love Proline products but you should really make the giveaway random. This whole thing about sending you a fake mushy email about how great these products are is just silly.

  7. I have Pro-Line body’s on all my truck they are the only one that hold up to hard bashing and still look Great.
    I all so use tire and wheels by Pro-Line and am very happy with there product!!

  8. I have been buying proline trenchers for my traxxas nitro rustler and I love them. I have been buying from proline for the last 4 years . If I want to spend money on tires pro line would be the first place I look even for rims and parts.i would rather pay 15.00 to 30.00 dollars more than buy from other stores because other rims break easier than proline. The body’s you make are phenomenal like awesome and stylish but you have to paint them.
    You are the best

  9. I love proline products there the best tiers EVER and that’s the brand i suggest to everyone who ask me what tiers to use.There rimes even make a handling difference. I love R/C racing and I want the best that’s why I use proline. The bodes are the best looking on the market especially the proline flotek and bulldog. That’s why I love proline!

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