2013 Canadian On-Road Nationals

2013 Canadian On-Road Nationals

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Over 280 entries converged upon the Seaway Mall in Welland, Ontario for the 2013 Canadian On-Road Nationals. The track, set up in the mall’s center court, attracted thousands of spectators. Those who had never witnessed an RC car race were able to experience the intense racing action. The event schedule called for practice all day Friday, three rounds of qualifying on Saturday, and a final qualifying round and main events on Sunday.

At the end of Friday’s practice session, it became clear that Keven Hébert and Andrew Hardman were the drivers that would be contending for the title in both the Modified TC and Super Stock 13.5 TC classes. After four rounds of qualifying, Hébert found himself on the time sheets in both classes and would start on the pole position for the main events. On the tight temporary track, starting up front would be a huge advantage.

Both main events followed the same script; Keven drove his Reedy Sonic 540 Mach 2-powered TC6.1 WC to an early lead and managed the gap for the rest of the race to take both wins. Andrew kept things close but with so few passing opportunities only a mistake by Hébert would give him any chance. But this chance never materialized thanks to solid driving and a powerful, well-handling car.

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