1st Annual Sportsman Shootout at LSR Speedway

1st Annual Sportsman Shootout at LSR Speedway

This past weekend Tekin’s eam Manager Randy Pike held his 1st Annual Sportsman Off-Road Shootout at LSR Speedway in Sacramento, CA. There were slightly more than 100 entries. Raffle prizes were provided by A-Main Hobbies. This race was for the sportsman and novice classes. Pit assistance was provided all day by the BMiller race team and other local pro/expert drivers. This race was a very low key event and a very enjoyable way of bringing more people into the hobby. We hope more R/C tracks hold these kind of events in the future, that focus on bringing more people into the hobby. Of special note, there were 4 drivers placing in the top five in 2 different classes. Those drivers were Richard Bautista, Drew Lorenzo, Christopher Jones and Aaron Chinn.

The most notable being young Drew Lorenzo, winning 4wd SC Sportsman and placing 2nd in Stadium truck!

Here are the Results…

2wd Stadium Truck

1)  Richard Bautista  2)  Drew Lorenzo  3)  Brian Romo  4)  Christopher Jones  5)  Eric Zimmerman

 2wd Open Buggy

1)  Tom Leman  2)  Travis Ott  3)  Hugo Colmenero  4)  Christopher Jones  5)  Fabian Fernandez

 2wd Short Course Open

1)  Jace Tillman  2)  Chris Budd  3)  Matthew Yapelli  4)  Richard Bautista  5)  Aaron Chinn

 4wd Short Course Open

1)  Drew Lorenzo  2)  Mike Johnson  3  Aaron Chinn  4)  Carlos Macias  5)  Scott Burciaga

 Here is a pic of all class winners from above…

Photo Gallery

Source: www.rcinsider.com

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